With over seven years experience in International Markets, InterSpan excels at providing
computer software development, consulting and implementation services in wireless
electronic data capture and barcode tracking systems. Our products and services improve
financial record keeping and control over your company’s inventory, equipment and capital

As we strive to be recognized as a global leader in providing portable data capture and
tracking solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering the most versatile product with the
finest customer service.


Project Scope
- first we categorise your needs into "nice to have" and "mission critical"
System Design - then we design the system around the "mission critical" needs
System Development - we engage you in our development cycle to ensure a custom fit
Testing and Training - ongoing testing and training ensures we meet your critical delivarables
System Implementation - we manage the implementation process and final hand over
Ongoing Support - we offer ongoing user training and support
InterSpan Solutions Inc
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